Adaptive Lighting Solutions

Adaptive Lighting Solutions

Reliable & Versatile

  • LED driver boasts 92+% efficiency AND a 7-year warranty
  • Universal power:  95 to 305VAC 
  • Full spectrum lights penetrate through the leaves and produce much healthier and more fully developed biomass than HPS or Red / Blue LED lights
  • Supplemental far-red light to enhance known morphological response
  • Evenly distributed light to guarantee equal yield from edge to edge
  • CAD modeled optical system for best performance and minimum light loss
  • Modular for easy upgrades and just-in-case repairs
Light Spectrum

BR 1.0 Flower spectrum

Never Obsolete

The Bloom-Ray Series utilizes the newest, high output LEDs from Osram, a world leader in solid-state lighting.  These high-brightness LEDs surpass the output of traditional HPS lights in intensity, optimized spectrum, evenness of light and lifetime—what’s not to like? Our modular construction permits future upgrades to tomorrow’s LEDs for a fraction of the cost of a new lighting system. Your budget will love you!

Our passive thermal management system is paramount to maintaining the intensity and lifetime of LED lights.  In addition to heat management modeling, we make sure that your plants receive the most powerful and uniform light available. Full spectrum allows for better canopy penetration by utilizing green part of the spectrum to facilitate the transport of more well-known photosynthetic receptors in the red and blue range.  The BR1.0 Spectrum was also designed with the grower’s vision and plant visibility in mind. A higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) helps the grower see issues at the canopy level with greater clarity than traditional HPS, HID or many LED fixtures. 

Bloom-Ray™ Grow More and Bloom More with up to 30% to 60% Less Electricity

An actual 3rd party grow in Oregon saved 80% in Energy costs.  More typical Greenhouse applications with our AC-1 Adaptive controller, (patent pending), yield 40-60% energy savings. Warehouse applications can count on 25% to 40% energy savings, all compared to a 1100W double-ended HPS (High-Pressure Sodium), wall plug to wall plug measurements.  When HVAC is included, an additional 20 to 40% energy savings accrue due to much higher LED efficiency and far less heat produced.   

Grow-Ray™ lights are designed for professional commercial grow applications where production is pushed to the maximum. Bloom-Ray thermal dissipation capability ensures efficient heat transfer from LEDs and drivers avoiding the main cause of LED degradation and failure: heat overload.  Our LEDs have a longer life, producing more reliable light intensity and quality over time. Vanishingly low LED failure rates mean higher productivity! The thermal map below shows how efficiently Bloom-Ray™ dissipates heat.  Within a half inch of the light bar, the vast majority of heat is dissipated.

Our PhD-led team has spent several years researching and developing the Grow-Ray™, in conjunction with university research sponsored by our parent company, PhytoSynthetix, LLC. Engineering includes computational fluid dynamics for optimized cooling, ray tracing for optimal light distribution, and detailed CAD design and modeling.


PAR Chart

Different Strokes…To accommodate different growing situations, our lights are available as

  • Single LED bars (100W or 150W), for Greenhouse and Side-lighting (our Side-Ray ™),
  • 4-bar (400 Watts),
  • 6-bar (600Watts) and
  • 7-bar (700Watts) luminaires for Greenhouse and Warehouse growing.

Thermal model of our latest extrusion

Side-Ray™ 15% to 30% Yield Improvement with Side Lighting

Most LED indoor grow lighting is done with a simple red/blue LED spectrum in the mistaken belief that this is all you need for photosynthesis. Red/blue light is mostly absorbed in the first layer of leaves, yielding minimal canopy penetration.  Side-Ray™ full spectrum lights penetrate through the leaves and produce much healthier and more fully developed biomass than just top lighting.  

  • 100 or 150 Watts of the most efficient LEDs for extremely intense, high PAR lighting gives the quickest and best grow: more biomass with less cost
  • Comes ready to add to your system: no modifications required
  • May be hung or stand mounted for versatile placement
  • Lights can be mounted back-to-back to service 2 sets of plants in tight spaces.
  • Optimized spectrum for efficient photosynthesis and deep leaf penetration
  • LEDs and LED drivers are modular for quick onsite replacement in the rare case of a fault

Grow-Ray™ Spectrum Also Optimized for Young, Fragile Plants

Grow-Ray also offers a full line of lights designed for clones, seedlings, and early-stage plants in one to 6-bar versions of our Grow-Ray lights.  For lower light applications, most Grow-Ray lights may be programmed from full power to about 20% of full power with a smartphone app (Android only for now), or a tablet, laptop or PC accessory wand that we supply.  Of course, our lights may simply be moved farther away and cover even more area.

Products designed and assembled in USA from internationally obtained parts.  All products subject to change. in the interest of product improvements.