LED Lighting Products

Crafted For Horticulture

Grow-Ray’s product family offers the most reliable, powerful and efficient line of LED lights to maximize photosynthesis and ensure healthy crop development at all growth stages.

Our LED modules and interfaces offer the most effective solutions for growers from the warehouse to  greenhouse.

R100 Series

R100 Series

R4400 Series

R4400 Series

  • Complete line of LED lights for all stages of plant development
  • Modular design allows for generational upgrades to the most current LED chip and driver technology
  • Light bars provide even light distribution avoiding hot spots and promoting deeper light penetration to increase yield
  • Passive cooling requires no moving parts
  • Optimized spectra developed by our PhD team of researchers
  • Computational fluid dynamics for optimized cooling ensures LED and drivers longevity
  • Ray tracing used for optimal light distribution

Bloom-Ray™ Spectrum

8 Bar Lighting Fixture

BR 4800

  • Modular design adaptable to any growing system
  • CAD modeled optical system for best performance and minimum light loss
  • Evenly distributed light to optimize equal yield from edge to edge
  • Universal power: 95 to 305VAC. Residential to commercial

BR1.0 Spectrum

Designed with the grower and plants in mind

The Bloom-Ray (TM) Spectrum utilizes the most current high-output LEDs from one of the world’s leaders in solid-state lighting (SSL), OSRAM(TM).

Haitz’s Law states that every decade, the cost per lumen falls by a factor of 10, and the amount of light generated per LED package increases by a factor of 20. We make available the most current and efficient chips as they are available to us. Our customers can upgrade to state-of-the-art technology for a fraction of the cost of a new lighting system. This improves your ROI by reducing future capital expenses of already outdated hardware.

Thermal management is paramount to maintaining the quality and intensity of light out of your lights.

In addition to heat management modeling, we make sure that your plants receive the most powerful and uniform light available. Full spectrum allows for better canopy penetration by utilizing the green spectrum to facilitate the transport of more well know photosynthetic receptors in the red and blue range. The BR1.0 Spectrum was also designed with the growers vision and plant visibility in mind. A higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) lends itself to the grower to be able to see issues at the canopy level with more clarity than traditional HID or many LED fixtures.

  • Excellent canopy penetration    
  • Mount and control in series    
  • Universal power: 95 to 305
  • 100 dimmable Watts
  • Optimized spectra
  • Equipped with the BR1.0 Spectrum

We Have You Covered

Our product family is designed to out-perform industry standards, is designed to out-perform the industry standards for available efficiency and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation).  

The Grow-Ray Lighting product family can be adapted to meet any needs. Each of our lights is dimmable via Pulsed Width Modulation (PWM) controllers and is easily wired together to have flawless, uninterrupted performance.

In addition to masterful attention to current technology and product configuration flexibility, we have provided several fail-safes to keep you growing in the rare event of chip or driver failure. If one chip goes out you still retain more than 98 percent of output intensity without losing the entire string of lights or the need of expensive protection for each LED. If a driver were to fail, only one bar would be impacted, so that your run finishes without compromised yield or quality.

Engineered for High Performance

The number one cause of LED and Driver failure and degradation is high temperature

Thermal Map

Grow-Ray LED light series is designed to operate at temperatures below the manufacture recommendations providing extra-long life on the two major components of our light fixtures: LEDs and  Drivers.

Grow-Ray’s CAD designed and modeled passive cooling system does not require additional fans and allows growers to operate with full confidence that they have the most reliable lights on the market.