Grow Ray’s leading-edge, PhD-driven research and manufacturing delivers unparalleled results to our commercial cultivation clients. Our High-Output, Adaptive LED Horticulture Technology is based on our 1.1M”, 100 watt light bar. Our Grow Ray bars have been developed to maximize thermal dissipation and, for greenhouse clients, reduce shading to optimal levels.  These bars can be mounted individually, or in custom-mounted, pre-built complete fixtures containing four, six or eight bars. These combinations ensure that every commercial cultivator can implement the ideal combination of Grow Ray’s bar systems to match any infrastructure and canopy lay-out.

Cannabis Greenhouse Growers:

Grow Ray manufactures the world’s best supplemental lighting solution for Cannabis Greenhouse applications. With our Adaptive Sensors and Minimal Shade design, Grow Ray’s solutions allow for the most efficient and effective use of sunlight and ensure optimal growth and Photomorphogenic response.

Cannabis Indoor Growers:

Grow Ray’s high output, modular six and eight-bar systems deliver the most uniform PPFD coverage available today and are designed to be a superior 1:1 replacement of Double Ended High-Pressure Sodium fixtures. Our fixtures deliver industry-leading PPFD and offer a unique, PhD-designed spectrum that increases both aggregate yield and THC/Terpene profiles. Additionally, Grow Ray’s fixtures save our clients 30%-60% on hard and soft HVAC costs and over 30% on electricity consumption vs. Double Ended HPS fixtures.-

Traditional Agriculture: Commercial Greenhouse Growers

Grow Ray has an incredible track record of proven results in Traditional Crop Greenhouse applications.

Environmental factors like limited land, water use efficiency and climate change are pushing food production to controlled environment facilities (CEA), and farmers are feeling increased pressure to increase plant productivity at competitive prices. Supplemental lighting provides substantially increased crop yield with a reduced growing time, which translates into additional revenue. However, the high capital and operational costs associated with artificial lighting systems represent a major economic barrier for the feasibility of these systems.

The Grow Ray  Adaptive Lighting System allows growers to achieve high production yields at a fraction of the energy consumption when compared to other lighting systems. The energy savings provided by our system makes this technology available and affordable for a vast range of greenhouse growers and CEA cultivators all around the country.


Light levels are arbitrarily chosen and there is no control over the lighting systems other than turning it “on” and “off”. More problematic yet is the fact that nobody knows how efficiently the plants are using the provided artificial light. This results in wasted energy and poor predictability of crop production. Using lighting recommendations based on available historical weather data growers become exposed to one of the following problems:


Under production and energy waste