Our Promise: Lowest Cost of Production With Improved Yield and Quality

Adaptive LED Outperforms HPS

Grow Ray is the first Ph.D.- driven, scientifically viable LED Horticulture lighting company to design and manufacture a full industrial-level product solutions portfolio for the commercial Cannabis space.

In addition to the Company’s lighting portfolio, Grow Ray also offers game-changing, patent-pending Adaptive Sensors for greenhouse applications. This technology measures the amount of sunlight available at each fixture location and adjusts (true dimming) the output of the Grow Ray fixture up or down, accordingly. This technology has been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, and increase yields by up to 16%, compared directly to a controls-based High-Pressure Sodium system in head-t-head trials.

Grow Ray offers a fully modular, scalable bar-based LED lighting systems portfolio that surpasses all other current LED horticulture products in regards to: 

  • Efficiency & Reliability
  • PhD-designed spectrum for maximum yield and biomass optimization
  • Industry-leading thermal management and PhD-designed passive cooling for maximum lifespan and ongoing performance
  • Extremely uniform light distribution

PPFD (PAR light levels) total output

Light distribution and intensity

Grow Ray vs. HPS: Cannabis and Traditional Agriculture Trial results 2017

Adaptive LED Outperforms HPS

Grow Ray: Client Financial Performance/Cannabis

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