Grow-Ray Adaptive Light Sensor for Greenhouse Lighting

Grow-Ray Adaptive Light Sensor for Greenhouse Lighting

The very first self-contained, Adaptive Light Sensor and controller (patent-pending) for optimizing light levels in greenhouses to provide the perfect amount of supplemental lighting.

We do this without wasting an extra penny on electricity beyond what is needed for fastest and most healthy plant growth!

Proven to save up to 80% on an Oregon cannabis grower’s electric bill while providing an extra 15+ % product! Even more dramatic results were obtained in conventional greenhouse grows of Roses and Yucca. 

How does it work?   If the sun is brighter than a predetermined threshold, your Grow-Ray LED lights are turned off.  Below this threshold, your lights are turned on in a linear fashion, with just a little for a passing cloud, to full on for a rainy day, or winter weather. This threshold is factory set for 200 to 600 PAR, depending on the plant, or may be user modified or may be user-modified up to 1000 PAR”. ..  Our sensors work with our LED lights to provide you with the correct DLI (Daylight Integral) for best growing results.

These sensors are extremely economical, so we attach one per light and then every light has its very own “light meter”.  If a particular section of your greenhouse is shaded from the early morning sun, for example, these lights will come on, while the eastern side lighting will already be dimmed or off.

Whatever kind of greenhouse crop you grow, our LS-01 sensor/controller will give you the best results when used with Grow-Ray high intensity LED lights!