High Performance, Industrial-Grade LED Lighting Solutions for Horticulture

  • Grow-Ray lights consistently produce substantial cost savings and significantly increase crop yields.
  • Grow Ray’s LED technology has proven results with both cannabis and traditional greenhouse crops, in greenhouse and indoor applications.
  • Grow-Ray’s PhD-driven team of biophysicists, lighting engineers, and photo-biologists has developed the first truly viable, industrial-grade adaptive LED system designed specifically for horticulture

Designed for Optimal Plant Health to Produce the Maximum Dry Weight Yield and Potency

  • Grow-Ray’s patent pending technologies harness a custom researched spectrum that delivers exceptional uniformity and intensity. Grow-Ray lights are engineered for optimal cannabis photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. 

Engineered to Minimize Capital Costs, Reduce Operating Expenses and Streamline Maintenance

  • Grow-Ray lights reduce energy costs over 50% compared to DE-HPS, last longer than competing LED lights, and require minimal maintenance. 
  • In addition, Grow-Ray luminaires reduce HVAC capital and operating costs by over 25% compared to HPS lighting.
  • Grow-Ray products perform for the long run. They reduce the heat buildup that leads to failures and erodes LED efficacy and lifetime.
  • Grow-Ray leads the industry with a 7-year warranty on every part of our science-based lights.

Yield Optimization

In commercial facilities Grow-Ray lights have produced an increase in dry weight yield 10% greater than a DE HPS.

Energy Savings

Grow-Ray's high efficiency design provide lighting and HVAC energy savings of over 50% compared to HPS lights. 

Uniform Distribution of Intense Light

Having an even lighting field from canopy edge to edge is challenging to achieve, but Grow-Ray's lights ​optically maximize uniform canopy coverage.  Industry-leading distribution of high-value light means faster growth,  more uniform production and healthier plants.

Thermal Engineering for Long Life

Using the latest thermal CAD software and longevity testing, Grow-Ray lights are engineered to ensure the most robust thermal management of any lighting solution in the industry. Proper thermal engineering is extremely important to luminaire longevity and is typically under-designed by competitors.

Modular, Industrial Design

Grow-Ray lights are designed from the ground up to be reliable, serviceable and upgradable. They will perform long term. All parts are replaceable by local, onsite technicians. Grow-Ray lights are future friendly. The design is modular, so you can upgrade to the latest technology. All parts are easily replaceable.  

Highest Levels of Academic Research

Grow-Ray's R&D team includes PhDs in photobiology and horticulture. Engineering talent includes lighting, power, design and electrical experts. ​Team members have received multiple research grants, been awarded numerous patents (9 patents pending, 2 issued​), and have spent many years ​​in lighting and LED-specific horticulture research.