High Performance, Industrial-grade LED lighting solutions for horticulture

Patented, groundbreaking Adaptive LED technology for Growers

Expertly engineered with the Grower in mind

Grow-Ray’s PhD-driven team of biophysicists lighting engineers and photo-biologists have developed the first truly viable, industrial-grade Adaptive LED systems designed specifically for horticulture lighting. Grow Ray’s ground-breaking LED technology has proven results with both Traditional greenhouse crops and Cannabis, in both greenhouse and indoor applications. 


High Performance, Industrial-grade LED Lighting Solutions for Horticulture

Patent-pending, groundbreaking Adaptive LED technology for Growers

Patented, Ground-Breaking Adaptive Light Sensors

Our patent-pending Adaptive Lighting Control sensors measure natural light levels present at fixture location and adjust the light output of our LED fixture accordingly.  This is 100% analog, true-dimming technology that

the targeted cultivars receive exactly- and only- the precise amount light they require for optimal growth and photomorphogenic response.


Our custom spectrum was created by co-founder Dr. Erico Mattos, a leading Photobiologist formerly at the University of Georgia and current director for the Cornell/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-sponsored “GLASE (Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering)” program. This spectrum represents years of research and offers the perfect balance of efficiency and biomass enhancement.


Thermal Engineering for Long Life: Our solutions have been industrially engineered to ensure the most robust thermal management of any lighting solution in the industry, and are designed by Stanford Physicist Joseph Kaminsky, PhD.

Uniform Distribution of High Value PPFD: Our solutions are optically maximized for industry-leading uniformity and distribution of high-value PPFD.

Modular, Industrial design: Our system is truly modular, allowing for an easy upgrade to the latest LED technology. With no moving parts and rugged construction, our lights are built to last. We have designed out fixtures to allow for easy removal of the circuit board and a quick, on-site replacement with an updated circuit board. The driver and fixture remain; the LED circuit board is the only replacement. This saves time and money, and allows our clients to stay ahead of the technology curve without the need to replace their lights when LED efficiency and efficacy increase inevitably over time.

Highest level of Academic research: Our PhD-driven R&D team is second to none in the LED horticultural lighting market, with multiple grants and patents, and years of LED-specific horticulture research.

Energy Savings and Yield Optimization: Our Adaptive Lighting Controls and ultra-high efficiency design can create energy savings of over 80% , with a yield increase of over 15%, when compared directly to a controls-based DE HPS system.